Friday, August 28, 2009

It just keeps coming..

So on top of it being Merrill's birthday yesterday, having a cake to make, a birthday dinner too (both my choice, Merrill was not in the mood to celebrate, for some reason..) the people buying our house wanted to show it that night to possible renters/buyers.


Cleaning and finishing the exterior paint to go on top of that..

I was tidying the house up before I began the painting, taking things that belong out in the garage, out to the garage. Ashley and Peyton were going back and forth, taking scooters and bikes out of the garage. I thought to myself, I should probably just back the car out of the garage and let them play in here while I am doing this. But I thought against it. There have been so many stories on the news lately of accidents with kids and cars.. taking my next load out to the garage, I hear a loud thud and Peyton starts to cry.

There is Nathan and Julie's ladder "JAWS" laying partly on the car. I think it scared Pey more than anything, but upon closer inspection, the car wasn't doing too well.

aug 28 002

My new windshield, the one I HAD to get to replace the 12 year old one that was too chipped and dinged to pass safety, was smashed in the bottom corner. The cracks already spreading throughout the rest of the glass.

That was awesome.

After getting Lynn from school, I leave the car outside :) and begin painting the back man door to the garage.

Remember that all the exterior doors are now BLACK.

Well, Peyton decided to "help".

She took the roller, covered in black, and proceeded to paint the garage floor and part of her left side, BLACK.

I quickly got the roller away from her only to find her going after the paint pan, filled with enough paint to pour out all over the front of her body, which she was attempting to do.

aug 25-28 002

aug 25-28 005

aug 25-28 003

We tried to celebrate Merrill's birthday.. again, he wasn't really in the mood.

30.. uh.. er.. um, I mean, 20 (again) has him kinda down.

aug 25-28 011

I think you can tell by the cake..

On to today.

I had a list of things that need to be done (still things to do on it..) in order for this appraisal to go where we want it to. Mostly touch-up painting, fun stuff like that, you know, stuff that I am surely not sick of, at all.

So I set out and about my day.. painting and patching some dings that come out with nice, new, glossy paint. I also had some lovely artwork that the girls did pro-bono for us in the exercise room when it used to be the play room, all over the walls. That whole room needed paint in a bad way.

Funny as it was the only room in the house to not be painted by us, at least once.

I am quite the pro painting without tape. I use it around the door trim but not the ceiling or baseboards.. yes, I am that good. ;)

Total tanget that was.. I must be tired..

So while I am painting away over my precious artwork, Ashley and Peyton go upstairs. I hear the normal playing.. it goes on.. then I hear a thud. Nothing loud or out of the ordinary, but Peyton immediately starts crying. I go to see what is wrong, and she is holding her right arm. I start to drill Ashley. Let's face it, she doesn't have a very good record and with Lynn gone all day on top of that blemished record, Ashley has been forcing little Peyton to be her friend. Yeah, I thought she was the one who had hurt her.

Ashley performs a little re-enactment per my request, and the story is out.

Peyton was playing at the foot of her bed, stumbled, tried to catch herself, and fell, on her arm.

She wasn't getting any happier, so I called a friend to see if she could take Ash.. and oh, by the way, Lynn was due to be out of school in 20 minutes.

She took care of it all.. sheesh.. those mothers of 4. ;) (Thanks JuJu..)

Peyton and I took another trip to the IsntaCare over another arm.. were sent again to the X-Ray area (know how to get there with my eyes shut I do believe..) felt like a horrible mother to have let something like this happen AGAIN.. had X-Rays taken, then had Dr. Cardon (LOVE HIM!!) look over everything and tell us that...

She has a buckle fracture.

And then he put her in a hot pink cast.

aug 25-28 019

aug 25-28 023

There are still firsts for us.. first broken bone.

Please tell me there is a break (no pun intended) from all of this for at least one day?

Maybe it will break her of her finger sucking habit... she did need some drugs and a binky of all things to get to sleep tonight.

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