Sunday, August 2, 2009

My new toy..

I went and did it..
After years of shopping around, waiting for the right time, having enough excuses to do it, I did it..
I bought a nice, big, juicy camera.
A Nikon D5000.
It was either get a new sliding glass door, and go over our project budget, OR get a new camera, and stay nicely within our budget of fun, new things.
I had the edge anyways..
- The kiddos aren't getting any smaller, quality pics are a must!!
- I am Historian for PTA; we need to have nice pics for historical reasons. ;)
- I am also over Yearbook this year for PTA (similar to Historian, why have two bodies running around to accomplish the same job?).. yearbooks need nice, good quality pics too.. how cheesy would I look, running up to, say the stage, during a really good assembly, to snap a good, close pic with my cheesy point & shoot.. baby on my hip and all..
See.. I NEEDED a big, juicy camera. :)
It's been a story of ups and downs. The day I decided to just go and get it, I went to Costco with my buddy :) they had the best deal, only to find that they were all pulled due to a recall.
I thought immediately that I was being taught yet another lesson on patience.
We went to do our back to school shopping, and the thought occurred to me to look at Target, of all places.
Guess what they had?
It's mine...
But it has been recalled.
I am still being taught that lesson on patience!
Onto current events..
Peyton ENJOYED her first day in nursery today. She LOVED it! No crying. The nurser leader said she really didn't notice I was missing until snack came. I pray it goes just as well next week.
Both Merrill and I are teaching.

new camera! 099

She manages to entertain those who sit behind us in sacrament meeting too. I think someone might just start to believe that there is a small bear in the chapel. She loves to growl! And say "Mommeee!!" in the sweetest, but loudest voice. Ashley is Ashley.

new camera! 076

She is currently planning a wedding to either an olive, or a pickle. She loves them both so much, she just can't decide!

new camera! 077

Lynnie-lou is excited for school, and to wear her new Jonas Brother's backpack, and use the matching Jonas Brother's lunch box.. she also announced that her bottom teeth are, "wiggly" today..

new camera! 101

Why do they have to grow up?!
It is just another first for Merrill and I..
We are onto another phase of projects for this week.. a new pump for our sprinkler system so we won't have to drag around a hose. I didn't believe the guy who put them in when he told us we didn't need one. He saw the "great pressure" we had when one of his guys hit the water line with his pick axe.. great pressure my butt.. 5 years later, we are getting that pump! (FINALLY!)
We will also be getting some much needed repairs done on sprinkler heads. :) If there's going to be pressure to run them, they might as well work, right?
One of the most exciting new things coming is our vinyl fence and gate, that actually closes, stays closed (containing smallish children in the back yard..), and will open with ease.
Tomorrow I will be picking out the new glass to go around the front door.. no more amber glass.. we might just have to have a moment of silence.. so that will be AWESOME!
After getting all of these exciting things done, we will get the house appraised, and we might just be listing it. It's back and forth, and I still have the attitude that if it's meant to be, it will all work out. We did go and look at a house, still in our ward, just a hop, skip, and a jump, away, that we both love.. a minor quirk, but nothing we can't make work.
We are, as always, back and forth.
I know that it will work out for us no matter what.. if we don't move, we'll just have our nicer, little house full of memories to live in!

new camera! 003

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