Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too Much Information..

It's been a while since I have done this..
Cover your wee ones eyes, or click on that little "x" in the upper right if you are squeamish...
It's "that time of the month"... or so I think.
I have had cramps from Hades since Sunday evening. There have been lulls between, but not today.. oh no, not today.
Funny thing is, there is NOTHING to show for it. Not even spotting! I would really love to have something to show for all of this pain and torture, but I have nada.
I have been taking dosages of Ibuprofen that a postpartum woman takes while still residing in the hospital.. heck, I would gladly accept this pain if I had a newborn to cuddle, a maxi pad sized much like a small crib mattress to bleed on..
See, there it is.. TMI.
I did take a pregnancy test today (it was negative Mer-Bear.. don't pull your hair out..) just because this cycle has been so weird!! I had my flip-out at the beginning of the cycle, followed by ovulation that that beat all, or so I thought. I could even manage to tell you which fallopian tube the egg was enjoying it's slide down, that is how precise and accurate the pain was. Then there was insomnia... The bloat was killing me last week, along with lingering insomnia.. then my chin exploded.
That leads us to today.
I decided to take it easy, take a HOT shower after a while, see if that would help my aching back and the feeling that my uterus was falling out, only to find this when I got out:
aug 177
aug 179
You'd think I would have covered it all.. shut all necessary doors, locked knives and guns away, turned off the stove and the iron.. but she manages to find one missed item..
It only continues to get better. I vacuumed the basement, turned around to go upstairs to attend to dishes, only to return downstairs, to find that the girls helped themselves to the packaging Styrofoam, broke it up and made a snow storm for the Little People.
I hate styrofoam..
But I still love being a woman.

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