Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clint and Britney got hitched yesterday..

Here are some of my favs from yesterday..

I really do have a lot!

august 011Jaclyn & Kaitlynaugust 013


august 029


august 022

Peytonaugust 046

Merrill and Ashley, waiting....

august 054

Grandpa & Lynn

august 060

Merrill & Clint

august 066

Clint & Jaclyn

august 072


august 080

august 108

Bride & Groom

august 077

Ashley & Lynn

august 081

Tyler & Sophie

august 085

I LOVE this one.. the bubble was just too cute!

august 121

These are the windows to the sealing room where we were sealed over nine years ago.. so sweet to have a picture of our little family here!

august 140

Merrill and Me.. isn't this better Merrill? ;)

august 162

Kaitlyn and MiKell.. these two are too fun!

august 165

Our girls...

It was such a full, fun day! It was so nice to be there, in the temple with them, to hear those sacred blessings. It is an awesome place to be.. Lynn was broken-hearted to not be able to "see" them get married. This girl wants to be in a temple so badly! The girls really did enjoy our long day..

Surprisingly, I look forward to when it is their turn.

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