Friday, August 14, 2009

A Very Fresh Dinner..

aug 14 2 004
Dinner tonight was delish..
I felt bad that Merrill got to miss it. He was stuck "fixing" some problems at the hotel..
We went out to the garden right as our roast beef was finishing, the bread was toasted, and we hunted for fresh tomatoes. We also came victorious with an (one) ear of corn. It was more mature than it's peers. I shucked it outside (remember the ear wigs...) I broke it in half, and cooked it up for the two girls. They were so excited. I was feeling so bad that Merrill was missing this!
aug 14 2 006
The girls started in on their half of the ear..
aug 14 2 008
Only Ash let me have a bite.. Lynn told me that hers tasted just like Ashley's when I asked her for a nibble..
aug 14 2 009
And here's the warning for you squeamish ones...
Remember Lynnie-Lou's loose tooth?...
It gave a little "pop" when she went in for that third bite.
She told me to wiggle it.
It was SO LOOSE!
One little tap later and it was out.
We were both teary, you can see hers..
aug 14 2 011

Tears of happiness though!
aug 14 2 014
Tonight the Tooth Fairy will undoubtedly visit, and tomorrow, she'll be "Queen of the Day".
I don't know yet if I feel bad that Merrill wasn't here or relieved.. he really didn't want this day to come!

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