Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where is time going?

It seems like the days just go by waaaay too quickly around here. Once I get one task accomplished, ready to move on to the next, funner thing, bam! It's time to make dinner.. turn around and it's bedtime!!
We had family pictures taken last night. A guy in our ward asked us if he could take them, for free, to help build his portfolio.
Who can say no to that?
Not I..
I was glad that I thought ahead while I was school shopping and purchased some pieces that would work well together for all of us. Yes.. I even coerced Merrill.. I do have to mow the back yard in exchange.
Tomorrow. :)
I am excited to see how the shots turned out. He used some techniques that I haven's seen used before, so I am excited to see.. He approached me at church today, asked me if we could meet again this afternoon. He didn 't get any good shots of all three of the girls together. Is that even possible, I wonder? He said, he needs to try, that's his job! He also told me he got a couple of workable ones of Merrill, but none of me. :o
I was too busy worrying about kids following direction. I should have let him take over..
I think I have learned that it might be best to give the children a small dose of Benadryl before such photo shoots.. it might help to chill them out, make them more mold-able.
I am really excited.. the family pic that fits into my big frame, is from when I was preggers with Peyton.. ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO.
Once my front door area is spruced-up, I hope that Brookers will still be up for my kitchy photo shoot vision. :)
I have outfits for that one too.

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