Saturday, March 20, 2010

Daily Blessings

I started blogging to document the daily blessings, the way that the Lord’s hand had touched my life in the every day.  That way, I would have a way to look back, my children would have a way to look back, and see His hand in our lives everyday.

I kind of moved away from that.

It’s not that He doesn’t bless my life daily, it’s just that there is too much noise going on around me, and when those quiet moments come at the end of a long day, it is most likely quiet because the house full of people I love, are all finally asleep.  My reflection on the day passed drifts off to sleep with me.  Then it all starts over with the sound of the alarm clock, another day to tackle.

Today started off as a noisy day.   All the noise was in my head..  to do lists, things that NEED to be done, stresses, what I could possibly get squeezed in today, how to keep the girls happy.

My day consisted of this:


Editing the yearbook for Lynn’s school.

I am thankful to be able to be involved in her life, to volunteer my time and my talents to enrich her experience at school.  But sometimes I wonder what the crap I was thinking when I enlisted with the other moms (and dads) in the good old PTA.

I am working on a VERY TIGHT deadline (as in this week it NEEDS to be done) and there are still things missing.  I got the bulk of what I needed to get it done yesterday.  Sounds fun, eh?

I am an A+ personality (i.e. a perfectionist, hence the A+).  I picture things a certain way, I want them to turn out the way I expect them, and I have issues with others helping me when I feel so demanding.

I had help today, it came in many forms. 

It is further testimony to me of a Heavenly Father, one who knows me, is aware of me, my needs and concerns, who loves me.  He blesses me.

There were a total of 3 computers working away on 770+ pictures and names today.

I was glad that I didn’t do it alone.

Not just to lessen the workload, but to lighten the atmosphere.  There was laughter, someone there to talk to, a sisterhood, that love..

My 12 year old niece called  just as I was starting to cry to Merrill on the phone about all that was going on, all that needed to get done, my frustrations, keeping the girls happy.

I hate to be the mom who is too busy getting this “stuff” done, too busy to play.

She wanted to know if the girls could come over to play for the day.  Now she knew NOTHING about my day, my stress, my anxiety over the girls’ weekend of boredom while mom sat at the computer organizing endless pictures…

But that little prayer, uttered silently in my heart for His help today..  that message was relayed many times today.

The pictures are organized, everyone has a name now and not a number.  They are grouped with the right class..  they are ready.

Thanks to that help.

My girls were happy, they got to have fun and play.

Thanks to that help.

And if I didn’t already realize how blessed my life was this day, I would have known for sure as my sweet husband stood beside me and helped me prepare dinner tonight.

Thanks to that one answered plea for help.

Ashley, Peyton, and I went out to play while the pizza dough was rising.  As we swung, spider style (Ashley’s new favorite), enjoying the sunset, enjoying their laughter, I again teared-up with gratitude.

I am truly blessed.


Six-Pack Momma said...

Yes, you are. Thanks for everything.

anniebobannie said...

Thanks for this! I needed that!

Ally's Corner said...

I totally understood how you feel!

BookwormMom said...

I totally appreciate all the hard work you girls have put in as the PTA this year...I can't even begin to tell you how much.

I'm thankful that you can put forth your time in my children's behalf as well as your own...

I'm sure the yearbook is going to ROCK! I'm going to have to make sure the boys come over and have you sign it....;)

Julie said...

Thanks for the reminder to look at the blessings amongst our hectic lives.