Thursday, March 11, 2010

The “Not Me” ghost..

It seems that a childhood house guest of my family, has taken up residence in my home with my little family.

He/she is fondly known as the “Not Me Ghost”.

He/she makes frequent appearances, but isn’t seen by anyone when he/she shows up.

We only see the aftermath.

When things are askew, something broken, a mess made, my favorite treat polished off, garbage on the floor, or other unpleasant happenings occur,  and the question is asked, “Who did this?”  it is answered by a chorus of “Not me!”  (I am positive that this will be Peyton’s next learned phrase.)

And there you have it, the “Not Me Ghost” has paid us a visit.

I have noticed his/her visits are happening more frequently, and so have our little talks about honesty, and making good choices.

I wish I could remember how long it took until the “Not Me Ghost” stopped visiting my house growing up..  I wonder if he/she visits there now, of course only to visit our offspring, my parents grandchildren..  maybe relive a few fond memories?

Maybe the more frequent visits will make it necessary to finish one of those basement bedrooms just for his/her comfort.

I would hate to not be hospitable.


Tiffany said...

His twin brother, the "I Dunno" ghost lives at my house. :)

anniebobannie said...

He is called Mr. Nobody at my house and ohhhh is he a rascal!

Jocelyn said...

Sadly we have one of those ghosts at our house too...he drives me nuts!!! I have no desire to be hospitable:-p He is just not allowed or welcome anymore!

Rachael said...

Ha ha ha... Hayden says "Kimmy did it!" And Yes, it has visited Jesse as well. But Jesse calls it a "Gnome."

Bonnie said...

Ah, the "Not Me Ghost" should be making an appearance soon here! The "I Don't Know" already has.