Monday, March 29, 2010

Saying it like it is.

Blogging is supposed to be an individual sport..  well, at least that is what I thought of it to be.
I am aware that I am not the sole blogger on the planet, nor am I the only person who has received a comment or e-mail in regards to one of my posts that isn’t in total agreement of my point of view.  I have never really received a comment that was outright mean (okay, once..), like I have heard of other bloggers finding in their inbox.
So why is it then, that we feel like we cannot post how we really feel, post what we really think?
There are moments in my life, when I just want to let it all out, put it all out there, but I don’t.  I am fearful that someone might not find it as humorous/sad/stressful/cool/important as I do.
That has got to stop.
I have always maintained that if people don’t like what they read, they can direct their little cursor to that cute red “x” in the upper right of the page, and click it.
(Kinda sounds like “stick-it”, but isn’t.)
It’s time we be honest with ourselves, with who we really are and how we really think and feel, without the fear of being judged.
I will admit that there were (are) times when there were (are) things going on in life that I didn’t want on the public stage of all bloggerdom, and those posts have been saved as dreafts, left un-published, but are still there, for me.  Sometimes it is a special experience, be it spiritual or otherwise, that I just don’t want to share with a public who might not appreciate it, and make me feel like it is less than what I feel (and know it to be).  Sometimes, it is just my rambling thoughts, dreams, and hopes, that I think might be boring.
(See, I am with you there Amber..)
I find myself doing that all too much lately, like people  don’t want to hear about the stress, or the mundane.  I need to be me, let those who care know about what is going on.
The rest can find that “x”.
You can plan on seeing more of me in the near future.  I need to get over this stage fright.


Rachael said...

Bummer deal girl, so sorry!

...Stage Freight??? You, really? :)

Hope you understand that you don't have to change anything because someone has a problem with how you post. It's not your prob, it's theirs.

Ally's Corner said...

Wait to see my post Tuesday morning. I put it out there, I needed and wanted too. Love you girl!!

Jenny said...

I agree that blogging is about honesty and real life. I often get depressed when I read blogs because everyone paints their life to seem so much better than mine. I have to be careful and not take it too seriously.

On the other hand...we all blog for different reasons. I do not blog most of my personal life or feelings. My blog is simply a place for family and friends to catch up with the life of our family since we live so far away. It is not a comprehensive journal, but a tool for us to keep in touch with so many people that we care about.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am glad you want to get over your stage fright. I never judge you, and honestly I find you quite refreshing! Love ya!

Amber said...

Love it and love you! We are eye to eye here. :) I sometimes choose not to write when I feel like other people won't understand or will judge. We all have problems but I begin to feel that mine are either too boring or something that would become someone's gossip.

There are things that I will almost always leave out. I don't feel like it's fair to write about Branden and I fighting because that's his life as well and, obviously, I can only write from my perspective. Also, I don't need to remember those times or have other people judge my relationship. If I need to talk about it, that's what my awesome sisters (and sisters at heart) are for and I know they won't judge. So fights are only mentioned in passing or if they brought about a good change.

I have had one person that I know of get offended by something I wrote. It wasn't meant to be offensive but it ended a ten-year friendship. A piece of me is sad it ended that way, but I'm also relieved that it's over because it wasn't that great near the end. I didn't write about that, either, come to think of it. :P

It does take courage to always put your real self out there but I think it's worth it because that's how I've gotten to know you! :)

anniebobannie said...

I love reading about your life even the mundane stuff. I wanna know it all!! You know I put random, whatever thoughts on mine all the time. It is for me more than anyone else and if they don't like it, they don't have to read it. I have missed your blogging though.

kdance10 said...

You go girl. I totally agree that's why that big X is there. If you don't like it don't read it. This is your blog, for your memories. Keep it coming.:)

Misha said...


I don't know - I stumbled across your blog from another blog and for the last year - I come back every day (sometimes many times a day) to see what else you have to say. You're an amazing story teller! I understand it's not a story, it's your life - but it's the story of your life and it amazes me. I say go ahead and post your thoughts (maybe save the super special ones - I know I do) I'm pretty sure that people will find it as "humorous/sad/stressful/cool/important" as you do because of the way you write it. I can honestly say that with your words - I feel like I'm right there with you. I can garuntee if you continue to blog in the manner that you have for the last year that I've read it - I'll be right there with you.

A Loyal Arizonian follower -

Ryan said...

Wow I have been going through the same thing. I wen't public again, like I always go back to, and some folks started reading that I was surprised about. So then I start being afraid to post things that I think even my kids might enjoy hearing, all because of this blog stage fright; being concerned that people will be burdened or think silly the mundane, crazy, or akward things that make up my life. This was a good post for me to read.

Ryan said...

oops once again this was not Ryan it was Bonnie!