Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good news

I got a phone call today from the doctor’s office.

The swab they took, of Lynn’s throat the other day has no sign of strep in it.

That means things are looking up around here and hopefully the virus is on it’s way out!

We have had “the grumpies” here as I have not let the girls out to play or any friends in to play. 

Peyton has been acting like she doesn’t feel too well.  She has had some fun diapers to change, been pretty clingy, and hasn’t been sleeping well.  When all of those factors are added up it equals mom being tired.

Tylenol and her sippy cup are her two best friends, well, after my hip, of course; but tonight she’s been in better spirits.

I am just thankful to have a reliable doctor nearby, the technology that we do to know what’s going on, and that the girls have each other.  They have enjoyed their time in together playing American Girls non stop.

Lynn was actually hoping that there wasn’t any school on Monday..  that is not like her, she loves school!  She must really be loving this time with Ashley!


Ally's Corner said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

anniebobannie said...

Sending healthy vibes your way!!!