Monday, March 15, 2010

Date night..

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I invited my little self to a concert with Merrill this weekend.
Now, I don’t want you going off thinking of some big concert in an arena or other typical venue..  this concert was at our favorite spot, Kilby Court.
It is a garage to be quite honest, but so much better than just an ordinary garage.
It is a very intimate setting to see some of our favorite (but lesser-known) bands.
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Friday Appleseed Cast came into town.  We have seen them before, but I have never seen them at Kilby.
That’s all I can say.
Drunkee-McGee next to us being all sorts of crazy didn’t even ruin the night.  When you are this close to the main event, how could that bug me?
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We stood front row for the whole show (which consisted of parts one and two of one of their projects) and I managed to get some good shots with my camera phone.  I was a bit nervous taking the Nikon, because of people like Drunkee-McGee, that and I am still learning about the settings, wouldn’t want that flash to go off at a not so good moment!  I told Merrill that it would be fine, only to find out that the smaller camera had a dead battery.  Whoops. 
Camera in the phone would have to do..
(Psst!  Don’t tell Merrill, but I do regret not taking it.  Next time..)
He didn’t have enough time to gather the things he wanted to either..  LPs and such to be autographed.
Next time..
After the show, we went and chatted-up the artists.
This is Merrill’s hobby, independent music.  He knows everything (seriously) about all of his favorite artists and even details about the labels they are on.  He was quite excited to talk to the opening band in particular.
Two band members of the Appleseed Cast were here before Thanksgiving, playing with Old Caines, and they were invited to stay at the hotel for the night.  They remembered Merrill,  but didn’t get to stay at the hotel this time (their next show was in the opposite direction) otherwise we would have gotten stuff signed.  He was bummed about that..
It was such a fun night!  I am thankful that Merrill let me tag-along, and I am thankful that Drunkee-McGee didn’t spill his ill-disguised booze on me. ;)
(Thanks too Mom and Dad for watching the girls!!)


Freedom said...

That is so weird I was just talking about Kilby Court today! haha. Glad you had fun!-stef

anniebobannie said...

So fun! You two are too cute!