Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A taste of green..

It seems to all come and go so quickly.  I thought I should capture it before the Easter/Spring stuff goes up.

So much for this year’s goal (well, one of them at least..) to be ahead by a month.

I was up until 4 in the am sewing.

I wanted them each to have something special for the day, and I was trying to improve upon last year.  I had plans for skirts for each of them, but then dreamed up the idea for piecing together the pillowcase dress for Peyton.  I saw fabric at JoAnn’s that was so cute but couldn’t get into spending $12.99 a yard on the stuff.  After piecing it all together, I might just find me a coupon and go get the other stuff.  That was some work I tell ya.

I wanted it to be so imperfect that it was perfect, and I like the way it turned out.

I had to even consult a tutorial on my own blog, composed by myself when it came to the arms of that pillowcase dress…

I was really tired..

Oh, wait..  I still am! ;)

It’s all worth it though.17 016 copy 17 020 copy 17 018 copy

17 003 copy  17 028 copy 17 031 copy 17 035 copy

I am excited for all the spring stuff..  the girls love it too.

I also have this framed and hung on the wall in honor of April Fool’s day. 

nov 2 076

When I picked it up from Costco, Ash wasn’t very happy.  She wanted to know who did that to her picture.  When I told her I had, she chilled-out, but just a little.  When I fully explained the situation, she was cool with it.  Love that kid!


BookwormMom said...

You're amazing, and the girls look darling as always!

Sheri Wadman said...

Very cute! I love the pillow case dress and the home decor. I found your blog from facebook and I've been reading it off and on.

I have to let you know that you've inspired me. Thanks Mindy

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh... that middle dress is the BEST!! Will you make one for me? In spring colors? I will pay you. I am in awe!!


Jenny said...

the last picture is too darn cute!