Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Dancing

It’s official; today, I am FREEE!!
I had two BIG events this week, that I just had to get passed and then, I would be footloose and fancy free.
This morning came, the night before done, over with, a success, and all I had to do was get the yearbook (the WHOLE thing) in all it’s pride and glory, 40 pages, all assembled in 4 and a half days (thanks help!!  You know who you all are..) off my computer (okay, it’s still there, just in case) and onto a flash drive, into a box with all the other goodies I was supposed to use (but didn’t so it is THAT much better..) and to the school ready for a pick up.
I was on task, things were smoother than..  something that is smooth (my tired mind doesn’t want to produce a word there, so plug one in of your own choosing..) and then, as I was exiting the laundry room, I could hear the phone ringing.  I didn’t get there in time only to find that the school had called.
Lynn was sick.
One sick little girl, one trip to the doctor later (only to find out that it is most likely a virus..  goodbye co-pay, nice to know it was for nothing.) we were back at home and I was back at it.
In the middle of my file compressing (the flash drive was too small for my kind of yearbook..) it was all too quiet.
“Peyton, what are you doing?”
“Nuh-sing mom.”
Nothing my butt..
I look forward to playing a bit tomorrow, doing things that I am really excited to do (sleep in?) cut some fabric (that’s for you Amanda!!) sew….  catch up on blogs?
Oh, the possibilities!
(*This wasn’t a complain or whining session, just a “hey that’s the life of a mom moment.  Hope you enjoyed it!)


Annie said...

It sounds like you have had a crazy, busy life lately! I bet you did a great job on the yearbook:) You are so creative! I don't know if I would ever dare take on such a task...

Don't you love how fast money can go, when it comes to medical expenses...?

Julie said...

I think Peyton looks beautiful. Just think, by the time she gets her hands on some real makeup, she'll be a pro.

Bonnie said...

georgeous work Peyton!