Monday, March 8, 2010

Kickin’ Back..

After a couple of crazy hectic weeks, we (I) am trying to relax and kick back for awhile.  It also helps that 4 of the 5 of us are not feeling well.

That is good enough to force us to chill out for a bit.

The run-down of last week included an 89th birthday celebration,

marwk1 036 copy  a baby shower,

marwk1 042 copy

a going away party,

marwk1 053 copy

marwk1 059 copy

and the loss of a binky.

(Just to name a few..)

marwk1 052 copy

At first, I just snipped it, then she lost it, right before bedtime.

Today, she has re-discovered her fingers. :(

Don’t you like how most of the events in my life revolve around food?


I am wiped out!


Emalee said...

That bff cake is SO cute! you are just so talented! I wish I was that talented......

Ally's Corner said...

Oh that poor binky we called it a bobby. Guess there is no way you can mail be one of those chocolate things, what they are? Oh I don't care they look soooooo good!

Courtney said...

:-( Totally not looking forward to joining you on the binky brigade. It will be soon, but it makes me sad. Have another cupcake!

Bonnie said...

My mom never tells me about these important get-togethers *sigh*. Hope Gpas b-day was fun. You deserve a good relaxing day, though accompanied with colds, I hope it is somewhat relaxing.

Rachael said...

And this is somewhat how this month is going to be like for me. Crazy, crazy, it's a good thing us women are multi-taskers.

kdance10 said...

All of those looked yummy, that BFF cake was darling. And that picture lynn drew too cute. I am trying to think of ways to do the whole binky thing too jace thinks he has to have his binky and blankey together so i think this will be hard. Good luck with Peytons keep us posted.

BookwormMom said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy week...

Hope you feel better and get some good relaxation in!

I love that cake!

Freedom said...

Wish I could have celebrated Grandpas bday with you all. Love ya cuz!