Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Makes me laugh every time..

phone 028 copy

Every time I walk into Merrill’s bathroom down at the hotel, I have to laugh!

Now you don’t have to wonder what happens to all of the “little rolls” of toilet paper left behind at hotels.

(Yeah,I know that you ALWAYS think about that..)


Ally's Corner said...

That is funny!

BookwormMom said...

Actually, I have always wondered about that.

Good to know that it's not wasted!

Jenny said...

How funny! Glad he is not wasteful. He is a true business man!

Tiffany Nash said...

Hilarious!!! Good to know

Liz said...

I was actually just thinking about that when we stayed at a hotel last weekend! Fun!

Crystal said...

That is awesome. I never thought about that. Now every hotel I stay in I am going to ask where they stash all their "left overs" :-)