Friday, September 17, 2010

A domestic post dedicated to my new BFF: Distilled White Vinegar.

I have many projects I want (really really want) to do.  Halloween and fall decor.  Sunshine themed decorations that have been sitting around for a month (or two).  Then there’s all the sewing projects that have been waiting for even longer..  so long, I am too embarrassed to say how long.  All the yellow projects that have been waiting all spring and even part of the summer. 

Yeah, I have a lot I want to do.

I told myself today that I could do all that I wanted to do..  after I cleaned the floors. 

They just got really gunky really fast!  Chocolate milk drips.  Soup glops under Peyton’s chair.  That one little lost drop of Otter Pop that didn’t quite make it all the way under the fridge.  And then the mysterious pinkish-reddish stuff that was hiding over by the time-out stool.

Sure, I have had my list of excuses..  “Soon it will be lunchtime and there will be more to clean up.” or “I will wait until everyone is in bed so they will stay clean for longer than 0.03 seconds..” then I am too pooped to do it.

So with my motivation today, I thought “No problemo!”

I got out my wonderful Shark, readied it to steam clean all the gunk away, went to put away some shoes that were negligently left underneath the table (despite my repeated requests to have them put them away in rooms..) and heard the “woosh!” of steam letting my know the miracle mop was ready.

I kinda sorta got sidetracked when I realized it was time to have Peyton sit on the toilet again, so that took a few minutes, then I got back to it.

Only to find a hitch in my giddy-up.

The steam mop wasn’t so steamy anymore.

I kept trying, vigorously pumping the mop, encouraging it to produce steam, but it wouldn’t!

I finally relented, laid it on the countertop preparing to take off the attachment when it suddenly turned into a missile.

It totally went projectile.


There was some sort of hard water build-up in the tiny steam holes that wouldn’t allow the steam to get through and do it’s job.

I knew exactly what to do.

You see, I have had a few experiences with my good friend Distilled White Vinegar, and I knew just what it would do for me here.

I de-gunk my shower heads and after a 5 minute soak, the results sure make the following showers much more enjoyable.

It also gets the water dispenser tray in my fridge looking as good as new.

I poured some vinegar into the head of the shark attachment, and let it sit upright for a few minutes.  When there was a pool of vinegar on my countertop, I knew that it would work just fine again.  No projectile action.

See, I do love my vinegar!


BookwormMom said...

I never thought about using it on my showerheads...I'm totally going to try that!!!

Ally's Corner said...

Wish you had a picture of it suddenly turning into a missile.