Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s getting scary around here!

Okay, not so much really.
But it is fun!
(I love decorating for Halloween.)
I have some of the good old stuff still hanging around, and some new creations to add to the mix…
sept21 sept22 sept24 sept25-28 252 sept25-28 253 sept25-28 257 sept25-28 262 sept25-28 263 sept25-28 264 sept25-28 265 sept25-28 267 sept28
As you can see, microfine glitter (in an assortment of colors) is my “go to” crafting item lately.
Hopefully I can get my porch together soon.  It’s just that my tomato cages are still being used by my tomato plants!
(Love those tomatoes..  keep coming, I will sacrifice my ghosts this year.)

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