Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A goodbye.

We said our goodbyes as we walked around Merrill’s Junior High  one last time before they tear it down.

sept25-28 003 sept25-28 004

I have heard many stories from his days here, but more came tumbling out this day, and even though there was the women's broadcast, I didn’t want to leave…

sept25-28 008

We laughed as he tried to remember about where his old lockers were…  some were missing.  I think they can be found in my neighbor’s garage. ;)

We laughed even more as he showed us where all the “hot girls” lockered.  He told us about how if he timed his walk to certain classes just right, his path would cross with some of theirs.

sept25-28 014 sept25-28 039

He told us a story about a book that got placed here, but somehow went missing and never got back on the shelf, and he got to pay for it.

sept25-28 054

He stopped us in this hallway, right outside of his English class to tell us of how he narrowly escaped being “anchored” on his last day of ninth grade, and how his older friend helped track down the guys who chased him and then. well, we’ll just say that they “scared” them. ;)

sept25-28 056

Visited the old choir room..

sept25-28 067

We found some souvenirs.

sept25-28 075

Clint and Britney came and joined us.  We got to hear the story of when they met in seventh grade, even snapped a picture of them in that room.

sept25-28 079

It made me homesick.  Homesick for those times of life.  Homesick because I wished that I were able to be one of those girls who got to cross his path and flirt with him.  Homesick for just a slow dance at a stomp there with him..

It was a fun time, he said it had made his week.

In all the things we saw, rooms we stopped in, I think the most special was the room where his Grandpa had taught next to Mr. Goody’s room. 

It was fun hearing his stories, seeing the smile on his face as he reminisced, and giving all of this to our girls.


Tiffany said...

I had no idea they were tearing the jr high down. I went to Marlon Hills, the elementary next door, before my family moved to Roy and the ward building that shares a parking lot is where we went to church. I never went to school at So. Ogden but those three buildings are stuck together in my memory. It will be weird to have it gone.

It's great that you got to go on one last visit! What a fun way to share memories with your girls.

Ally's Corner said...

I so understand this. I would love to walk through my old high school and remember!