Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glad to see that some things are still the same.

Saturday, we went to have dinner with Grandpa W.

(We meaning me, the girls, and a couple dozen cupcakes..)

We got to sit and visit, eat good food (because we don’t make BAD food..), and the kids played with their cousins.  We all adored Abby.

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(I also took a lot of pictures, but when DON’T I do that..)

Ashley and James loved jumping from Grandpa’s porch trying to clear the little bushes every time, just like I did with my cousins when I was little.

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And Grammy busted out suckers for all the grandkids in honor of Peyton and her progress in potty-training.

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It was a good day.

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Bonnie said...

:) sweet post! I am planning on visiting maybe this Sunday at Grandpas, I will get back to you on the time. I have to call your mom I guess and find out what time he has dinner at her house...