Sunday, September 12, 2010

It’s bloggable.

I had a unforgettable (or maybe it will be forgettable) meeting this morning.

I told one of my bestest friends about it, and she told, me: “Hey!  That’s bloggable!”

So here you go..

It all starts off with another blonde moment, and with the blonde, you will get a little bit of “The Valley Girl”, but just for a minute.

I got this phone message and it was all like: “You need to come to this meeting..  it’s on the 12th at 7:30 AM..  blah, blah, we’re going to correlate with the other sisters how we will all be decorating tables (individually) for this dinner thing-a-ma-doodle..”

And I’m all (looking at the wrong month on the calendar and all): “Dude, the 12th is so like a Thursday!!  There is no way that, like, I could go to a meeting at 7:30 in the AM..  I got kiddos to get ready and such… um, skewl!”

Until a day (or two, I cannot actually remember…) later I realized that I never flipped the calendar page to actually see what day September the 12th fell on..  it was kinda on a Sunday.

So I put my brunette hair back on my head and attempted to be just as intelligent about the whole situation, but was still slightly bugged about a meeting at 7:30 in the AM and even more bugged about the fact that it was with 11 other people, only 7 of which would actually be decorating tables (separately)..  and that the premise for the whole meeting was about table decorations.

Seriously, decorating tables.

But I shouldn’t complain….

It could have been so much worse, like about Cub Scouts or something.

Then family pics were scheduled last minute (pretty much) for my father-in-law’s campaign for state legislature.  Which entails getting me + 4 other people ready and lookin’ extra good for special pics so we don’t lose the campaign for him and all..

So let’s do the math:

1 super fun meeting correlating table decorations (bah).

3 little girls to get ready for the Sabbath + family pics.

1 husband to crack the whip on (but not really, just a little).

Oh, and to get myself ready, at the buttcrack of dawn.

(Not to mention preparing breakfast and lunch….)

So I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn this morning, and got ready for my meeting at 7:30 in the fraggin’ AM.

I arrived at the meeting two minutes early.

There was only ONE OTHER PERSON there who would actually be decorating a table.

6 other people showed up late (7 if you count the secretary).  Late meaning anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes late. 

The meeting consisted of an opening prayer, us introducing ourselves, stating what ward we were representing (flashing any applicable gang signs), and also sharing our “vision” for how our table was to look, a few rules a regulations regarding decorating tables, a few questions whose answers were painfully obvious, and finally a closing prayer.

Do you want to know what everyone said?

(Seriously, wanna know?)

“Hi!  I am _______________ and I am from the ________________ ward, and I am planning on decorating my table with FALL DECORATIONS.”

(Big shocker, I know..  fall dinner and we will all be using fall decorations!)

(Insert your shocked gasp here: “______________”.)

Best 20 minutes spent of my life that I will never get back.

(Really, in some other dimension, that meeting is still going on in all of it’s ridiculousness.)

The thing that I am fearful of, is that my exact thoughts and feelings were plain as day on my face the whole time.  If they weren’t, I wonder if it was that obvious when I stood as “Amen” was said at the end of the prayer.

But pics turned out awesome!

(Two thumbs up!)


Janet said...

I don't know what to say...

Six-Pack Momma said...

Yep. Definitely bloggable. It's pretty much the stupidest meeting I have ever heard of. Really. Table decorations. But yeah, it could have been scout training....

BookwormMom said...

Oh, yeah. Definitely bloggable.

Can't wait to see the pics...will it convince me to vote for Dixon?

Rachael said...

Bah... ha ha.. I love your enthusiasm. And your phraseology. Sorry you had to wake up so early. But I'm glad you blogged about it. There's nothing like a good laugh to end your day on.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

I thought that Sunday was reserved for resting and family? Next time, tell them that life is way to complicated to have a 7:30 meeting! :)

Sherri Wright said...

Bwahahaha! I love your blog Mindy! That is hilarious...

Ally's Corner said...

Not all meetings are great, ask my husband who has so many meaningless meetings at his job some days he can't even get his work done. I think next time I would say sorry can’t make it that early.

Bonnie said...

LOL lol LOL! Mormons...

Jocelyn said...

You are freakin hilarious...LOVE your blog;-) You made me laugh tonight as I was reading this. So sorry you had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn for a ridiculous meeting:-) I am afaid my annoyed feelings would be showing on my face too! Hoo ha for you getting there early though...sadly I would have been one of the late ones.

Ladii said...

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Jamie said...

You make me laugh!!