Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The end of summer.

The years that we are most fortunate, our summers end with a trip to Lake Powell.

This year, we were very fortunate.

I still feel like I am on a boat at times.

At times I wish I were still on that boat…

Since all the days run together as far as happenings on the lake go, I will note some of my favorite, and I will try to narrow down my favorite pics as well.

(Thanks goes to my sister-in-law Brooke for sharing her D90 with me, she has an awesome zoom lens on that thing and for sharing the pics she took of me and Merrill playing on the lake.  I can hardly wait to see the rest!)


- Sleeping und er the stars and showing the girls the milky way.

- Jumping the wake of the tour boat.

- Merrill getting run over by the wave runner..  twice.

- Finding seashells.

- Campfires on the beach.

- Soaking up the sun all day long.

- The near death experience on the water weenie.

- Ashley giggling and screaming, “That was WICKED!!” when we would jump waves on the wave runner.  She is so chill and fun on that toy.

- Taking the girls up a side canyon on the wave runner.  Having them giggle all the way jumping waves.

- A body so sore from the previous day’s activities, it required yoga in the mornings.

-Family time.

- Gorgeous scenery.

- Being bitten by that one fire ant.

- Merrill drenching everyone on the front deck with the wave runner.

- Pumping poo at the pump-out dock and finding a “clog” in the opening.

- Crashing too hard and too much while water skiing.

- Breaking a few laws (shhh!).

- Jumping off the houseboat (see above).

- Watching the sunrise every morning (thank you Peyton).

- Hallie discovering a new way to wear you life jacket and bathing in the lake.

- The slide.

It’s a place that I can’t get enough of, and can’t wait to get back…


anniebobannie said...

What a great way to send off summer! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Ally's Corner said...

Looks like you had a great time. Wish we had something like that around here.

Brooke said...

ahhhh... your making me so sad! It was a fun trip.

Jocelyn said...

what a fantastic way to end summer:-) we used to go houseboating many years ago when the kids were just really little. They would probably have way more fun now:-)

Dani said...

That sounds amazing, glad you were able to spend some much needed time with the fam!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Yeah for family time..and good weather to enjoy it!