Thursday, September 30, 2010

I’m sure it’s genetic.

I have a little pack rat.

She finds treasures, and really wants to make a home for them especially if they are small and/or shiny.

I can’t really blame her.  I used to be the same way. 

I remember going shooting, and wanting to collect and keep every spent 22 shell.  (They were small and shiny.)  I also made a home for all of my “special things”.  My mom left it alone.  I was organized and quite clean, so there was no need to ever nag me about throwing stuff out.  I usually came to a decision on the matter on my own, but it was a little saddening to part with those things I treasured at one time or another.

Why does it bother me so much then, that Lynn is the same way?

Why can’t I leave well enough alone?

Maybe it’s because the stuff she finds stinks.


pack rat

Here’s her haul from our trip to the soon to be demolished junior high school:

- the top of a trophy

- someone’s abandoned art projects

- a few fake bills (probably some class incentive)

- a dry erase marker

- another type of marker that should have gone away with everything else in the 80’s/early 90’s..

- a bobbin

- someone’s abandoned sewing project (full of more treasures no doubt, I am scared to see).

- old wax

- part of a Christmas garland

- an ugly basket to go with the ugly garland

- and the smelliest of them all….  some nasty perfume.

I thought that Grandma P. had come in our home when I smelled that scent.  Upon further investigation, I discovered it was my nearly 8 year old daughter, sharing her new-found fragrance with her friends.

I told her to throw it away.

Then I asked where she got it.

(Nice order there, wouldn’t you say?)

When she told me: “At the school.” I prodded her for further information.

Was it found on the ground?  Was it discovered in one of the moldy/dusty gym locker rooms?  Was it in one of the classroom closets?

She couldn’t remember, and honestly, if she answered in the affirmative to any of those possibilities, it probably would have made me dry heave more than I already was, and that wasn’t entirely due to the scent, mostly to my imagination running wild with the possibilities of the location where it was found.

I had to dissuade her from taking many other treasures from the school that day.  For example, there were maxi pads strewn all over the media center floor.  (Un-used of course.)  But she was intrigued by them.  She grabbed a stack to take home with her.  When I told her what they were, she asked what they were used for.  When I told her, and I didn’t mince words, she still didn’t put them down!  I guess she was preparing for the future…

I had her narrowed down to three, small treasures to take home, but then I left to take the younger two home to get some things done, and later returned to pick her and Merrill up after they were done exploring.

She had found more.

Dad couldn’t say no.

“What is it going to hurt?”

Besides my nose?

But really.  I think I need to chill out.


Tiffany said...

LOL! I totally understand this predicament. Grace collects the weirdest stuff, her current favorite is the renew your subcription cards found in magazines and stuffing from her mattress. I just want to toss it all but I keep telling myself it will be okay, this phase will go away eventually. :)

Ally's Corner said...

LOL!!!! Want to trade? How about cotton balls or qtips with the top cut off or how about the paper that comes in shoes boxes? Want more, because there is lots more? Alana is not organized which drives me crazy. Saturday is the day we or I plan to get her to help me clean up her room and find places for all this weird stuff.

Bonnie said...

This is such a funny post. She is cracking me up. Some of those are such TREASURES though Mindy! (jk :) LOL!

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad I'm not the only dealing with this..and the sad news is ladies, Sariah is ten, and she still collects the oddest things. I cleaned her room today..boy that was an adventure! Seriously! And she soooo attached to every single object in her room! I sure hope she grows out of the "phase"'s been seven years! :)