Thursday, November 8, 2007

Big day in the life of a mom and a three year old!!! Ashley got to go and pick out her "potty toy"... She also got to pick out her own "big girl" panties! We occasionally still have the little accidents, like when she has her tu-tu on and can't get it off in time. You know, the things even Lynn still goes through now. Bot it's a lot better than spending the money on pull-ups, and the pain in the butt it is when you get to change one. All it took was to put her in the real thing and she took to it immediately! (There should be an angelic chorus singing "Ahhhhhhh!")
I also got my "wall" done. I updated the pictures, finally. I've really wanted to. Brooke took pictures of us for Mother's Day, I loved those, but was really excited to have fall pictures done of the whole family, yes, Merrill too. I still don't know what I am going to give him to make up for his hour gone from a Saturday... How am I ever going to talk him into updating them once baby is here? Well, I will have my body back by then (chica chica bow bow)... Anyway, they turned out so good! My wall is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks BROOKE PITCHER! (Her pictures are in the slide show, you can contact me for her contact info :) She said I better give her some credit!)
I just had to have a little talk with Lynn. Apparently, it is way too hard to stay in bed when you are almost five years old. Even when the punishment is no treats the next day. She thought it was way too strict. So when she got out of bed, and I reminded her of what the punishment was, she said, "Me an Ash are going to go to anew house." I showed her the door. Told her to go. She told Ash to, "Come on." Ashley wasn't moving. She said goodbye. Lynn said, "Maybe I'll leave tomorrow when it's light outside." I told her if she wanted to go find a new house, she'd better go now. She changed her mind, and we had a little talk about rules, consequences, how she is the big sister and example, how much I love her... Do you hear the sappy "Full House" music starting to play...

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