Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am so thankful for prayer!!!
I know I've said that things need to be taken care of, calling wise... I've been worrying about that and how to get it done. And today my prayers were answered when the Bishop approached me. It will all be better.
Lynn has a fever, again, and this morning she told me her throat was sore too. When she found out that that meant she couldn't go to primary, she said that she felt all better. Since when has there been a fight over her wanting to go? Anyway, she really wanted the kids to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Once I told her that they could sing to her next week, she was okay. Merrill is still battling a headache from FRIDAY... I need a wonder drug for him.
My divinity last night:
First attempt: syrup turned into hard candy. I got a phone call, church stuff, while we (yes, a family activity) were cooking the syrup, and it went a little longer than I thought it would, of course... We got hard candy. I forgot to tell him to turn down the heat.
The second attempt we were more careful, maybe too careful... We cooked it, to what I thought was hard ball stage, mom tells me it was probably in the first stages of that but not to temperature. You are supposed to beat it in the beaten egg yolks, until the gloss leaves, about 5 to 6 minutes. 15 minutes later, it was still glossy. Ash and I enjoyed eating it with spoons. It was like marshmallow cream. Mer and Lynn thought we were crazy! I decided to just dump it out on a cookie sheet and see if it would set up. It did a little. It tastes just like it should, just not the right consistency. And now Lynn enjoys some tastes too.

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