Saturday, November 17, 2007

Inevitable spiritual high today... had a baptism. After a little chaos (there always has to be some...), everything went well. I love my calling, but especially this part, you are guaranteed to feel the Spirit! No matter what else is going on in your life, you always feel it.
I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over with, though! I have all of my puzzle pieces put together, and I need to have the stamp of approval, if you will, stamped upon them. There has been so much that needs to be re-figured in Primary (and Scouts, oh and how!), and I've been ready and waiting... just waiting for that one phone call! FRUSTRATING!
We watched Evan today while Brooke took pictures for Ken and Promise. He is so dang cute! I love to see the different personalities in the kids in our family. He and Merrill played together for awhile and it was too cute. Merrill was trying so hard to get him to laugh out-loud. You see, when Evan is tired, he does this cute little inside chuckle. He wants to laugh out-loud but it's like he's just too tired. Merrill kept working at it but finally gave up. He is just such a sweet baby. I was hoping he might help me in convincing Merrill to go again (Yes, mom, I know that I am pregnant...) for a boy.
The girls are watching "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer", again. We watched it last night and they both loved it so much! They especially love the "Thing". I've never heard Lynn giggle so much, she thinks his voice is hilarious! They also love that his favorite phrase is, "Aw, crap!" Which must be really funny since it is a garbage word in our house.
I am on my way to make divinity, I've had a craving. Let's hope it turns out, it is my first time doing it solo....

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