Monday, November 12, 2007

So today, mom came and we quilted some on Peyton's Strawberry Shortcake quilt! I love that we get to do this together. I love that the girls get to be involved, that the same traditions and memories that I experienced with my mom and my grandma, continue on. Lynn even did a little bit of her own "quilting" on it... I am so blessed to have her so close, that we can do this, and that what is important to me, is just as important to her.
It's too much fun to sit and gab, have the girls tell us stories while they play underneath the quilt (just like Kevin and I did), and take snack breaks, and reading breaks... That was the best part of my day.
I ran over to Wal-Mart to get some pictures printed off for her and grandpa and grandma Wallace, because I went to do it Saturday and some crazy lady was at the kiosk for way too long to even note here. Let's just say that I was extremely annoyed and then even more so when I went to the "days" kiosk to find the CD ROM drive was "temporarily out of order"... I'll try to calm down so I can finish this... So anyway, I didn't get it done Saturday. So I thought I'd get it done today. I went, there was yet another crazy lady there, with a memory stick that holds a lot more images than the one I own. SHE TOOK FOREVER!!! And the other kiosk, which really couldn't have helped me in the fact that I needed them today, was still "TEMPORARILY out of order"... She didn't seem to mind keeping me waiting but when two other people showed up, she decided to get a move on. What was even more amazing was that her baby, sat in her car seat the whole time without doing anything more that babbling, I wonder if she was used to this, like if she has had to endure this process before... The girl behind me only had one disk, I had three, but I have to say they had only the images I needed on them, not 759 to sort through... SO, I let her go in front of me. The computer was so slow after that crazy lady with the memory stick. Do you want to know why? She printed off almost 200 pictures... Yes, I think that computer was a bit exhausted. Not to mention all of the editing she did...
So, I finally got my pictures selected, and yes, it moved like molasses for me too. I went back home, just in time for lunch that mom made, it was 2:38 by now, I have no concept of how long I was even gone. We went back together, as she had to go home and prepare the "early bird special" to feed grandpa and grandma, and I went in to get the pics so she could take them home....
So do I sound pregnant enough?

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