Monday, November 12, 2007

Okay, funny story...
I've been working on Merrill for more babies (yes, I know I am pregnant, but I feel like I have to get him used to the idea). So Lynn is sitting in his lap, I am working on Peyton's quilt, Ashley is standing by me.
Ashley: "Mom, what is this?"
Me: "It is Peyton's quilt."
Ashley: "Will she lay on it when she gets here?"
Me: "Yes. Do you think she'll like it?"
Ashley: "Yes! She"ll think it's so soft."
Lynn: "And after we finish this one, we'll make a blanket for a boy, if dad let's us have one. Can we have a boy next time dad?"
Merrill then asked me if I told her to say that, like I've recruited help...

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