Thursday, November 15, 2007

So I am thinking here, I needed to add another post here, one that is separated from my heartfelt one below...
I have been in a funk lately that I have been self-medicating with food. The other night it was a chocolate Haagen-Daz bar covered in dark chocolate, then some late night pumpkin pie buried in whipped cream, a few nights before that it was spaghetti with homemade marinara around 10 pm, another night a dark chocolate Dove ice cream bar (see how I love dark chocolate...), and last night... I know I mentioned Ben & Jerry's... I didn't come back to say that it ended up being the whole pint! I really love the graham cracker swirl in the strawberry cheesecake swirl ice cream. I just couldn't stop. Once I got all the graham cracker out, I rationalized that there really wasn't enough left to bother saving it for later, so I just ate the rest...
1 pint = 4 servings
1 serving = 260 calories
260 x 4 = 1040 calories (and that's if my Roy High School math skills are correct...)
So who wants an update on how much I weigh after my next doctor's appointment? (Which I should add will be conveniently after Thanksgiving...)
Oh, and yes, it helped me feel better, a little bit.

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