Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So I am really hesitant to add anew post. I don't want to cover-up my slide show!!! Brooke took our pictures on Saturday at Beus Park, and aren't they to die for! She gave me the disk of all the pictures (something like close to 400) yesterday, and I couldn't wait to show them off. I am so happy with them that I dang near cry every time I see them! Merrill is a little depressed at how gray he is though...
Yesterday was just an emotional day for me anyways. I read a story in the friend to prepare for today's primary activity, which went well :), and that made me cry. Lynn came to find me, saw me crying, made a funny face and said, "Never mind mom." Then I sobbed as I heard a man sing opera on Oprah, like how often do I watch her? Fluke I thought I'd check it out. It was so touching. He had a dream to sing opera, but felt that he wasn't good enough. As I heard his voice, I thought how sad that was that he was so good, and he still didn't have that confidence in himself! I wasn't the only one sobbing, everyone else in the studio audience was too. Then, I get the pictures, and then I make the slide show... I was just a little too emotional.
But my family sure is gorgeous!

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