Sunday, November 11, 2007

What an uplifting day! After a little hectic Saturday, it was nice to have such a good Sunday.
Lynn had a birthday party yesterday. I thought it would be a pretty laid back day. Not so. Running all over, picking up things, going back because I forgot something, going back again later when I realize, thanks to Brooke, that we have a family birthday party for Kaitlyn and Dixon. That equals two gifts. I thought about it earlier in the week, so it's just that placenta in the way again. I dyed Merrill's hair, and mine, last night. He's been really bummed since he saw the family pictures with his gray hair. He's a lot happier now. His family even needed some pointing out to notice it. I guess it looks pretty natural. It's just weird to me because it's not HIM...
Today, correlation meeting, not too stressful getting there because we planned ahead last night... I had sharing time, which went really well, both times. Sacrament meeting was awesome. Both Christie and Julie spoke. They are so good. Hearing them just reaffirms that they are supposed to be in the thick of things with me. I love them!
Our family party turned-out to be a lot more pleasant than I expected! We stayed until nearly 10 pm, just talking. I think that Dixon's eyes were opened as to how the health care situation sits for us. Having more that one of his kids addressing the expense it is for their family helps to send the message home a bit better. The kids had a good time too, running around with Kaitlyn and Mikell, giving us a dress-ups fashion show. So often these kind of nights turn into talk about business. I hate it. There was a little business talk, how they are expecting Christmas to be a little less-than this year, but it was nice to talk about other things, to have adult talk.
I may complain about my family, but I really am blessed.

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