Monday, November 5, 2007

So here I am. Blogging at a weird time of day... I am so thankful right now! What a load has been lifted off of my shoulders. As Primary president, there is constant change. Last week was full of a lot of changes that kept coming, constantly. I couldn't wait until Sunday was here so it could be over with! Was I wrong... More came. I started to get a sore throat Saturday night. I usually do that when I get stressed-out. Well, after getting home from church almost 2 hours later, I still had the sore throat, and some stress relieved, but replaced by more stress. It was a lot to think about. So after some prayer, I called my, well let's call them my "army of angels", aka. presidency. I okayed with all of them to have a meeting today to get some of this stuff figured out. After all, that is what they are supposed to be there for, counseling... After a night of dreaming about all of this stuff (in Ashley's bed mind you, yep, that too...), stressing, and offering a lot of prayers for help, I woke up this morning, with a clearer mind and my sore throat not as bad, good sign. I decided to make whoopie pies, to make the fact that we were meeting on such short notice go a little better (Jen loves them...). Meeting time. All are here. We get to it, I am so thankful they feel the same way that I do, there's that support, "I got your back" feeling I've talked about before. They affirm the way I feel, they even give me more insight! They are awesome. Change is good. I could only imagine what kind of "help" I would have gotten a month ago...
Oh, by the way, sore throat is gone, just replaced by heartburn, of course.

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