Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am thankful for family and friends who share the same beliefs and values I do.
Watching, or just listening to the news, lately, it seems that everyone is so backwards. It makes me start to question if the decisions that I am making for myself and for my family are really the right ones. Once you turn it all off and separate yourself from it, you can think a little more clearly. You don't have so many voices and so many opinions telling you what is right. It's not always something major, sometimes it's what you should be reading to your kids, or how often, or what kind of foods they should be eating... I have to remember, that I have been given blessings that give me the direction I need. I pray, and I am given answers, or just peace of mind to let it be. Here's where the friends and family come in... I can have a conversation with one of these people that I am so thankful for, and they might share the same concern. Sometimes it is talked about at length, and we have come to the same conclusion. Sometimes it is just a mention of something that we believe, and you feel so much stronger knowing that you are not alone.
My mom and I had a conversation like this today while we were quilting. We talked about a lot of things. We both get emotional about everything, her being menopausal and me being prego just heighten it. But we started talking about the drought in Georgia. This whole situation in Georgia is something that I find so interesting. People are going nuts that a Governor would hold a prayer service for rain. Isn't it funny, that there are times when we need to be humbled, be reminded of who is really in charge, of who you should turn to when you have a problem? There are skeptics out there, saying that prayer won't help. I find it interesting that last night at the end of "Nightline", they showed a shot of the night sky over Atlanta, and it was raining. We both started to cry. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that those slight showers were no coincidence.

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