Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So here I am... Pregnant and enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie at almost 11 pm... Could it get any better?
While I am enjoying my slice of pie with LOTS of whipped cream, I am also enjoying the prospect that things will be a lot merrier this season around my home. My usually "Bah-Humbug" type husband has resolved to be a little more jolly this year. He told me that it just goes by too fast, and he wants to enjoy it more, for a little longer (you see, he usually gets into the spirit of things oh, say a week before it's all over...). He even says he wants TURKEY for Thanksgiving. This will be the first year EVER for that to be the main dish. He's been anti turkey for nearly seven years. Every other year we've done roasted chicken, spiral cut ham, or a tender very delicious chuck roast. So turkey is a big step.
The next step was to ask him if he'll be listening to his own music selection instead of Christmas tunes while we put up the tree on Thanksgiving day. He said he'll share in our joy, and listen to the Christmas stuff. He did note that he would not enjoy the "Beach Boys" holiday renditions, or the sappy songs like "Christmas Shoes". He always gives me a sideways glance with a smirk on his face when he hears the first few notes of, "Mary Did You Know?" It always makes me cry, but if he were a woman and had given birth, he just might understand!
Lynn was so cute tonight, singing to my belly, talking to Peyton. She would get so excited when Peyton would give her a wiggle or poke in response. She is already deciding what she'll say to her on their first meeting. She couldn't seem to go to sleep without her, "five musics". Merrill has been queueing-up five songs on his MP3 player for her to fall asleep to. He was at a concert tonight at Kilby Court (one that I really really REALLY wanted to go to, but the venue is standing only, really small, and my sciatic nerve was not going to allow me to enjoy it.) so bedtime was a little off for her. I told her I'd program some Phantom on my MP3, not her usual mix, so she could get her "musics". By the time I got it all done, she was out. Ashley meekly asked if she could listen to it though. She just grins. Doesn't seem to sing out loud like Lynn does. I did discover that there really is some of me in her, she's still, look wise, almost entirely Merrill Jr. (if he had had long hair at 3...). But she loves to enjoy some dark chocolate, and that's where I come in...

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