Sunday, November 4, 2007

That is the only explanation that I have. It seems that one day, things are crazy, you go to bed, and think, "It will be better tomorrow. Things will get taken care-of." Then tomorrow comes, some things might get fixed, but a whole bunch of other "things" get added. Now imagine three days of it. Not just everyday family home life stuff but church stuff too...
Yeah. I know that tomorrow will be better. I have my awesome army coming to help me work through it all. Oh, and prayer too!
Lynn and Ash are getting even more excited about the upcoming arrival of our little Peyton. They say in their prayers every night, "bless that baby Peyton will come out soon." Then I secretly pray, not too soon! But it's sweet that they are so excited. They talk about things that they want to tell her or do with her. It's funny that my tummy gets more kisses these days than my face!
Ash is doing a lot better with the potty-training. I had a feeling with her that it would take more time. It has.

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