Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Funny things...
Ashley climbed up on the counter and told me she was "birsty" (thirsty) for a piece of Lynn's birthday cake. She said this while licking her lips and rubbing her tummy.
Instead of asking me to put on her princess nightgown, she pees in her pajamas so I have to change her. (Okay, that one is not so funny...)
She comes up to Merrill and I, who are just catching-up on the day, having a nice conversation, and yells: "Do you want Miss Hannigan to come in here?... Then go back to bed!" She stomps off...
Maybe we've had the TV on a little too much in the evenings with the long weekend and all... Lynn turned to Mer and yelled, "Bertoli!!!" There's some Italian food commercial where a chef yells that name, the name of some frozen Italian meals.
Lynn popped off the arm of a cheap doll she got from a birthday party for a friend. She held the arm up in the air and asked us, "Does anyone need a hand?"
I told the girls the other day that they had been so good while I got some errands done, that when we got home, they could have some ice cream. We keep two favorites on hand: Bubble Gum and Oreo. I asked them which kind they would like, and named the two. Lynn immediately said Bubble Gum, and Ashley just looked at me. She said, "We don't have Oreo ice cream." And just so I could sound like a kid I said, "Uh-huh, it's in the freezer." To which she replied, "Nu-uh." To which I came back, "I'll show you, it's in the freezer." Her retort helped me to understand what she was really saying: "Do we have 'Blounder' (Blounder = Flounder, from The Little Mermaid) ice cream too?" I got it, Oreo = Ariel.

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