Sunday, October 21, 2007

As I look back, I can see how my life has been blessed with certain people at certain times. It is easy for me to think of some people and wonder, why the heck did I even associate with them? But now, I can see that I needed certain people, or certain personalities at certain times in my life.
Right now I am primary president in my ward. Today, we cleaned house. It has been months in the making, I knew it needed to be done, and I didn't want to do it, it seemed too daunting. So in my mind, I was putting it off. In the big picture, however, I was being patient, I was really waiting for the time to be right and to have things shown to me, to make it easy. (That is what I have since learned. My own mom chastised me about procrastinating...)
So as I sat and talked with my two new counselors, and briefly with the new secretary, I could see, I needed those other sisters at a certain time in my life. The good and sometimes the difficulty that they brought, I needed it.
Now it is a different time, or a season, if that doesn't sound too corny, and I need these "new" women for different reasons. I am thankful for them, and for this time in my life so I can need them. But I am really thankful to see why things were the way that they were, to understand why I had to go through certain experiences, why some people were a part of my life, good or bad, so I don't go on thinking that they were idiots, or maybe that I was...

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