Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Funny story... last night Ash was saying her prayers. She asked Heavenly Father to have Jesus keep us safe so Michael Meyers won't come and get us! Halloween was on AMC in AUGUST... what a memory. Merrill did used to have the mask, I'm not sure where the memory came from but Merrill and I had to hold back the laughter.
Today, on public radio, they addressed a talk that Sister Beck gave in conference. I remember her talk, I remember feeling reaffirmed in what I am doing with my life. But apparently some women, inside the church and outside the church, felt very offended and even put on a guilt trip. I was a little leery of listening in. I didn't want to hear any contention. I felt like it would turn into stay-at-home moms against working moms, which her talk didn't even get into. She spoke about the role of mother, and that we need to get back to what mothering really is. Keeping a clean home, nurturing our children, playing and interacting with them, home-making... I have to say that I was in no way offended. I could imagine some women that I know who might feel a pang or two of guilt, but for the most part, I felt it was encouraging and uplifting. People are saying that she is outdated and out of touch with the times... I am no June Cleaver, but I know that the Spirit dwells in my home, and it is because I work my butt off to make sure that my home is a heaven.
I also felt very blessed because there was a BYU professor who kept stressing that in today's economic conditions, there needs to be two income households in order for families to have the "American Dream". She said that in Utah's economic climate, in order to get a median home, you need to bring in $70,000 a year! First of all, since we have had children, this household has been a single income household. Secondly, I can say, we have NEVER earned that much a year, but we have a home. We do what is right, we do what is asked of us, no matter how difficult it sometimes seems, and we are blessed. I think that it takes faith in order to do what we are told, and it is because we show our faithfulness that we are blessed.
I think about how our leaders go about deciding what they address in conference. They fast and pray, just as we are to fast and pray for answers to the questions and concerns that we have. The answers come to us in the forms of these conference talks sometimes. I just wonder how many women, mothers or not, prayed for this talk.

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