Sunday, October 14, 2007

So I was just laying in bed, finally able to lay for more than two minutes without having to get up and help someone go potty or get a drink or tell them to stop calling their sister a baby... ANYWAY... I was reflecting on the day, well more like the past couple of weeks and what a spiritual high I've been on. Two weeks ago was our primary program, big deal. It went great. I got so many phone calls, comments in passing, and even a note in the mail, all from people who were saying thank you and what a great job the kids did. Then there was general conference... need I say more? Then the baptism Thursday, then fast and testimony meeting today. It has just been awesome. I feel so blessed and so loved.
Right at the moment, I hurt though! But I feel so blessed at the same time. Pregnancy hurts. You know, leg cramps, sciatic pain, braxton hicks, heartburn... see why getting up and down is so much fun tonight? Yeah, but I am so thankful that I get to do this. I really do love being pregnant, I enjoy every minute of it. In fact, Peyton is getting so active now, others can actually feel her movements on the outside! Merrill enjoyed a little dancing bit last night and Lynn felt her for the first time during sacrament meeting. I loved seeing the look on her face when she realized who was making those tiny thumps. That brings us to a whole other realm of motherhood, something else I am entirely thankful for, even when someone spits at their sister because she called her a baby...

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