Thursday, October 18, 2007

The holidays are so much fun... they are so much funner with kids though. As any parent will tell you, kids just make everything that much better.
We have always had fun especially around Halloween, even before kids. But this time of the year is so much funner with them. All of the changes in nature and weather... and the fun crafts and yummy treats, so much more fun with kids.
They get so excited about seeing our neighbors put up their Halloween decorations. They get even more excited about what they will wear that night. They would rather be home on Halloween than trick-or-treating, because they want to see what everyone else will be dressed-up like. They are so excited to get scared! They like to see spooky things! Their favorite activity is to pop popcorn and watch a scary flick.
Today we made cheesecloth ghosts with that goopy liquid starch. I must note that all creative credit goes to Brooke, my sister-in-law... we had a blast, the girls had a blast. It was such a simple thing! They did want to get a little too hands-on, I had to remind them over and over to not touch the starch, and the ghosts. But the excitement they had during the whole process was so cute! Everyday, they ask when it will be time to go trick-or-treating, and we try to fill the void with other fun activities. Tomorrow we'll go to Frightmares at Lagoon. In fact, Lynn just got out of bed to tell me all about it.
That makes me wonder what bedtime story Merrill just finished telling her...

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