Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today we were kind of lazy... like every Saturday you could say. We did a lot of playing. The girls seem to love having pillow fights with Merrill, they never get old. The normal every Saturday stuff: dishes, tidying-up the house for Sunday, laundry, last minute errands for Sunday...

Today we added one more fun errand to get ready for Sunday, we went to get pumpkins! Every year, we carve at least four, and roast all of the seeds. They are one of those treats that come only once a year, they are fun to eat! (They are real fun to digest! Changing all of those diapers never gets old...) Hopefully we'll get them all done tomorrow, maybe on Monday for family home evening. The girls get to spend the day with Grandma and their cousins Monday doing some fun Halloween stuff. A day with Grandma is a real treat, it doesn't happen that often. I don't know how excited they will be to carve pumpkins after spending a whole day doing similar activities. I was just thankful to have a good Saturday so I could take some pictures, no matter how goofy my subjects were being. The funniest was watching Ash there, trying to pick up all of the straw and placing it back on top of the bales that were scattered around the patch! She felt like the ground needed to be clean. She kept telling Merrill to stop the wagon so she could even get straw out of it and put it back where it belonged before we left. She cracks me up. Lynn, of course wanted the smallest, roundest pumpkin. It needed to have a smooth, heaven forbid a bumpy appearance. She also looked for one with a "cute" stem. She picked up about four different pumpkins by the time she had finally settled.

I can admit that this was the FIRST year we actually went to pick them out... every other year, we have just gone to the grocery store and picked some up, none of the fun in walking around and actually choosing. It's safe to say, I think that what we did today will become our tradition. Now if I can just get Merrill to stop worrying that someone will come and get them and smash them in the street... I told him that he's no longer a teenager running around, so the possibility has gone down.

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