Saturday, October 20, 2007

I got more accomplished today than I did last Saturday, the day I did "nothing"... We even got errands run. When we left the house, it was clearing up from the rain, the sun was out, we thought that the "snow storm" every news channel had warned us about was just a tease, or that it had passed over us... well, we were at our second to last stop, Blockbuster getting more Halloween shows, and it turned into a blizzard. The car was covered with snow by the time that our ten minute trip inside was over. Merrill drove over to the grocery store, across the parking lot, and I ran in to get a couple things for dinner prep. Then we began what should have been a ten minute drive home. It was crazy! Hills, first snow of the season covering the roads, same snow blinding your view, and people who have forgotten how to drive in Utah snow. Great combination for Saturday afternoon fun. A half hour later, we safely arrived at home. It makes me reflect on our morning prayers. Every day it seems like the same things are said. The girls pray that Merrill will have a good day at work even when it is Sunday... But it is the other repetitive things, that we are just in the habit of asking Heavenly Father for help with everyday. Help us to be nice. Help us to share. Help us to be safe. Help daddy to be safe at work. Bless Lynn, or Ash, depending on who says the prayer. It is those things that we just say, out of habit, that our Heavenly Father still listens to in all of our repetitiveness. Sometimes I wonder, what would happen, if anything, if those things weren't asked for at the beginning of our day. Today is one of those days where something certainly could have happened, but didn't. I am so thankful for those answered prayers. In family prayers tonight, I made sure it was not repetitive, and I made sure to thank Heavenly Father for the safety he had put upon us this day.

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