Monday, October 15, 2007

So I NEED to post my blessing for the day... I know I am a little bit earlier than usual, I usulally save it for when the girls are settled down so I don't type a bunch of jibber-jabber... but I am too excited to wait! Brooke and Austin took Evan in to Primary's for his check-up. They were told at his last appointment that he might need surgery, again, to help fix another possible problem with his heart. So we have been praying as a family the whole month that this appointment would go in a good direction. So.... today the doctor told them that the area that they were worrying about is not a problem, there will not be another surgery. They still need to watch him carefully for the rest of his life. He had major surgery at just days old to repair problems with his heart. It is such a blessing that they will not have to do it again so soon.
Kevin and Randee just celebrated their first wedding anniversary Saturday. I think about how there was a time in Kevin's life that we were constantly praying for him. He lost his way for awhile. It was around the time we were teaching Lynn to pray. We would kneel with her in her bedroom every night and there were nights that I was quite emotional pleading with the Lord that he would just wake up! He did, eventually, and what a blessing it was to be able to kneel in that same spot, with both the girls now, the day he was married in the temple and pour out my heart in gratitude that he was back on track.
I am reminded of a M*A*S*H episode (LOVE that show!) where a bomber pilot, to cope with the things he had done, i.e. bombing innocent people in Korea, believed that he was Jesus Christ. It took the camp by storm. Some people believing that he actually could be, others thinking he was crazy and trying to get out of the service, and others understanding the psychological effects the war and his service in it, had had on him. Well, trying to trip him up, that ferret-face, Frank Burns asks him why all prayers are not answered. His response to Frank was, "They all are answered, sometimes the answer is just 'No'." What a lesson that was to me. Sometimes the answer is no, and it is hard for us to take. Sometimes the answer is that we are supposed to do something that we are uncomfortable doing. Just because we don't like the answer, doesn't mean that our prayer didn't get answered.
I am just so thankful that the answer was one that we wanted to hear today.

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