Friday, October 26, 2007

Tonight Merrill took Lynn to Frightmares, just the two of them. He's so good to spend one-on-one time with each of them. I know they love it. Ash and I just hung out. Did all the girls stuff like eat ice cream, find some fun movies, and gab. They each have such different personalities, it is fun to have them separate every once in a while, and focus on just the one.
Merrill and Lynn had quite the fun time. Merrill said there were people dressed-up there walking around, just like last week, and they were trying so hard to scare Lynn. No success. One guy gave up and said to Merrill, "She's really tough." It's funny that my five year-old was encouraging teenagers who were nervous!
They got home, we are all in our pajamas, ready to watch a movie. We are bummed because Blockbuster was out of "E.T".... I guess "The Wizard of OZ" will have to do.... I hope Peyton chills out soon. This girl is kicking so hard now, I can see my tummy poking out with every jab!

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