Thursday, October 11, 2007

My day started kind of early. It was that short time before dawn that the sun isn't up yet, but the sky is giving up the darkness. Ashley was crying, in her sleep. I can usually just let her whine for a few seconds and she quits. This morning, she didn't. On and on it went. I clumsily got my preggo body out of bed and went to her. She was surely asleep. I started to console her as she kept mumbling, "Daddy left me.... Daddy's gone..." I thought for sure she is having a very unpleasant dream. Then Lynn's sleepy voice comes, "I thought I would talk to you in my sleep to make you feel better..." there's a yawn and some lip smacking, "...but I don't think it's working." She rolled over and was out again. I just laughed. I thought it was so sweet that even as groggy as she was, she was still trying to help her sister to feel better.
I got to attend a baptism tonight. It was awesome. I was in awe at how well the program was put together and which songs were selected, I was thinking about what an amazing job the elders had done only to find out that this ten year-old girl had put it together herself! Asked the speakers and everything! I am so thankful for those experiences, that even though I had a hectic day, I am able to go somewhere that I am guaranteed to feel the spirit.

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