Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blessings today... I had my targeted ultrasound. I went into the doctor's office, and instead of seeing him and peeing into a cup, (all of that fun stuff...) I went to a different room where an ultrasound technician took a detailed look at Peyton. The outcome? Everything is perfect! Not a thing out of the ordinary... 167 beats per minute of that tiny heart, and that's perfect. Already showing the flexibility of her two older sisters by showing us that she is perfectly capable of sucking on her toe!

Another blessing... Original due date February 22nd.... May now be February 16th... Evan's birthday! We'll have to see what Dr. Bierer says about that one.

It was also my first 3-D ultrasound. I thought it was pretty cool. Merrill on the other hand thinks that it is only appropriate that they did it the day before Halloween... He thought it was creepy. I still made him watch all of it though!

Just trying to prepare myself for the hectic, yet fun day ahead of us tomorrow... thinking about that Snow White dress that needs a little mending. Believe it or not, I am thinking of trying to get some cupcakes made and decorated tomorrow too. Thanks mom, your delicious cupcakes have me longing for more...

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