Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So today there will be no chance of forgetting it... I'll get right to it. I am so blessed to have my awesome husband. He is so incredible! He works all day, well, even before that came he helped his grandparents move early this morning, then came the eight hour work day, then home to play with our girls before enjoying family dinner. Immediately after dinner he's off to perform another good deed for his dad, which he takes our girls with him (any ride in the truck and they want to be a part of it...). That in turn gives me the chance to give myself a manicure and a pedicure!!! I leave for a little meeting, which I thought would last only fifteen to twenty minutes, to arrive home an hour later to find all is very well and the girls more than content and happy. What a guy! I know it is a blessing that I get to enjoy every day, but it is one that blesses my family every day. From the thoughtfulness of him preparing breakfast for our early-bird three year old so I can sleep for just that little bit longer, to the sweet bedtime stories he tells them before bed... he's so great. In fact, he's snuggling with them on the couch right now. I just love him!

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