Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So last night, we had a bit too much fun. So much fun that we got to bed pretty late. It was when everything was dark and quiet, as I was looking back on the activities of the day, that I realized I hadn't done this...
I took a wrong exit. One too soon. That is my blessing for yesterday. I was on my way to a paper store in Bountiful, playing the game we always play with the girls when we go down that way, "who can see the temple". I was so caught up in the game that I took an exit too soon. Well, it turned out to be the perfect exit to drive straight up the mountain to the temple. So we had an impromptu field trip to see the temple. All the way up the mountain, we kept playing the game, "who can see the temple". It even turned into, "who can see the Angel Moroni". We talked the whole drive about the temple, Lynn asking me if it is beautiful up close, if it is beautiful inside. We made the last turn. The temple in full sight just ahead of us. We parked right across the street so we could sit and view the whole face. I felt really bad. I planned jackets, because it might rain, but I didn't plan our little field trip, and I didn't bring the umbrella. Now it was raining and I wanted to take them to walk around the temple. Lynn asked, "Can we go inside?" I answered her with a, not yet. I explained to her about temple recommends, and what it means to have one. We talked about what we wear in the temple, that we learn many things, and of course, how beautiful it is inside. It's amazing, it is all the things that we have talked about before, as we've seen the Salt Lake temple or the Ogden temple, or other temples we've seen when we travel, but it was just different this time. Lynn said, "I can't wait till I can go inside." Which got me all teared-up. She knew it and said, "Let's go find that store now." As we started driving away from the temple, down another hill, she asked me, "Mom, when I get married to my husband, I want to get married in that temple. But will you and dad drive us there? I don't know how to get there." I was so happy to answer her, "Yes." And I am so happy I took an exit too soon.
To end our night, I showed Merrill some of the old video tapes we had watched without him the day before. My main goal was to show Ashley that she lived, and kicked around, in my tummy too. She looks at me like I am crazy when I tell her that. So we watched. It made me so homesick to see how small Lynn once was, to be brought to remembrance the little things that she used to do. Flipping the ring up on her binky so it would touch her nose, or her "Hurray!" phase. What was a real trip was to see how dark (not gray) Merrill's hair was not that long ago. So we all watched together. Seeing it again just made me think about earlier that same day, how long ago these times in the videos seemed to be, and how far ahead taking my sweet little girl to the temple seemed to be... I know it will all come too fast, way too fast. I know that we need to keep up on teaching our girls, and showing them too, what makes us happy, what out Heavenly Father wants for us. I just pray that it doesn't go by too fast! And I hope the next time I take a wrong exit it goes that well.

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