Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's so much fun to see the different personalities in Lynn and Ash. I probably say it all the time... Tonight carving pumpkins just showed yet another side to that truth.

Lynn was a little grossed-out by the goop inside the pumpkins, while Ash loved it! She pretended like she was washing her hands in it, flinging it all over the table and floor. Lynn, at first, would only touch it if it was on a spoon in her hand. Soon, after Ashley started to fling it all over, I think, Lynn went and took off her tu-tu, then she got a little more "hands-on". She did that only while saying, "ew ew ew ew ew" the whole time. She washed her hands every other minute too. Ash dug in with both hands from the get-go, it took Lynn a little encouragement to just put down the spoon.

Merrill was in charge of opening, and most of cleaning. Because I am such a perfectionist at carving, I scraped the inside a little more, and carved.

We had so much fun picking out faces for our individual pumpkins. I drew different facial features to help the girls tell me what they wanted. Lynn knew what she wanted right off, though. Even that showed how different they are. Lynn picked classic scary Halloween while Ash thought "happy pumpkin" was the best choice. After a bubble bath, to get all the "ew" off, we took some pictures, and had some homemade cinnamon rolls, the frosting was so gooey that we dipped instead of frosting. Yum!

We can hardly wait till the big night comes! And did I mention all of those seeds....

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