Monday, October 22, 2007

I LOVE LITTLE GIRLS!!! Really, they are SOOOO much fun! Just listening to the way that they play together puts a smile on my face.
Lately, they dress up as princesses, what's new eh? While one dresses up as a princess, the other will take turns being her princess friend and the prince that loves her. The other day Lynn was Ashley's prince, and Cinderella. All afternoon she would pop back and forth between the two characters. At one moment when she was the prince, she saw her lovely princess, and in a plot that was discussed previously, she was to fall in love with Snow White (Ash), and want to marry her. Lynn, the prince, comes and finds her princess and holds her by both hands, spins in a circle, and declares, "You are more beautiful than any lipstick I've ever seen!" I had to try not to laugh out loud. The little girl still emerges even when she is supposed to be a prince.
Some of the other fun stuff that I get to do being the mom of two, almost three girls, is crafting cutesy stuff. I made these jewelry boxes in about an hour, all of the bracelets in them of course have accumulated over time. It is also fun for me, to look through each girls' stash and pass on the ones that no loger fit them to the next girl in line. Who ever thought that hand-me-downs could be so much fun! I have had so much fun getting ready for Peyton, even though she is still over four months away, that I have already washed and folded clothes to see what I have that will still be in good enough condition for #3. It really has been fun reminiscing, seeing what my two "big girls" used to be able to wear... make me sad too...

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