Thursday, October 25, 2007

Okay... I'm blogging at almost midnight because I had such a fun day! I had to tell Merrill all about it before I sat down to get it all out again. I feel like a giddy school girl!
I just have to say how blessed I am to have friends that I do. My new counselors and secretary are so awesome. It makes me so excited, takes away that feeling of, for lack of a better word right now, ugh, that was coming with the everyday "stuff".
We had our first presidency meeting ever this afternoon, it wasn't really a meeting. We got so much discussed and accomplished, but we had so much fun! Our kids had a good time too. It is just such a relief to me to find other women who feel the same way that I do, and bring such fresh, new, great ideas to the table. Ideas that get me motivated. We got so much accomplished, I felt so good afterward. So after a fun afternoon, What could be better? Talking on the phone with them even when we talked for that long! See, I am a school girl!
We even had stake leadership, which was funner than I remember as well. I just felt so good having them there with me. I felt like I had "back-up". I just can't explain it... After the meeting we had some fun "Mommy time" with other sisters in our ward and neighborhood. It was so nice to sit and visit, and not have my cell phone even ring! It was relaxing. Julile didn't get to join us though :(...
After all of the hesitation I felt at the beginning of the summer, knowing what was coming and all the un-doing that had to be done to get this, I am so thankful. In a way, I want to kick myself in the butt... If I would have done it then, how much stress would have never even happened? But I can't think about all of the "what ifs". Either I needed something between then and now, or maybe someone else did... I can refer back to a previous day, and just say that I am blessed. Gosh, I am so thankful for these women!

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